About Bus and Coach Northern Ireland (BCNI)

BCNI has been in existence in various forms since 2002 and continues to work, as it has from the start, with the various government agencies to deliver an attractive, comprehensive, integrated and improved transport system for Northern Ireland that results in increased usage. We are a key stakeholder and are recognised by Government as the voice of the industry and have played an important role in helping to move things forward and get to where we are today.

Our members work with other transport operators to provide transport solutions for schools, the rural community, tourists and the general public. The combined experience and wisdom of members is one of our greatest assets and has contributed much to the vision for future of transport in Northern Ireland.

BCNI have a dedicated Education and Schools Committee working alongside the Education Authority to improve operational and safety arrangements for home to school transport provision; to introduce a harmonisation of standards for transport providers and to consider the overall integrated efficiency of home to school transport in Northern Ireland.

BCNI are the only organisation in Northern Ireland promoting coach tourism and we have our own dedicated Tourism Committee which is working very hard to get the recognition coach tourism deserves in terms of its contribution to the local economy, and to increase awareness of the Northern Ireland Coach Tourism Industry and our own coach tour operators.

BCNI's Code of Conduct encourages high standards in the industry by providing a framework to monitor members obligations and relationships with customers and fellow operators who are obliged to abide by the code as a condition of membership. Suppliers of goods and services to the industry can become Associate Members and other organisation’s whose objectives are, in part similar to those of this Association, can become affiliate members

The Board of Directors consists of the following members:

Ms Caroline McComb - McComb's Coach Travel

Mr Sean Connolly - East Coast Coaches

Mr Niall McKeever - Airporter

Mr Tony Sloan - T & M Coaches

Mr Frank Clegg - Translink

Mr David Curry - Translink

Mr William Patton - Translink

Ms Michelle Rafferty - Translink

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Some Member Benefits

Political Liason

Bus and Coach NI provides Political Liason  with direct access to politicians and senior policy advisors

Facilitating Consultation Responses on policy changes and legislation

Bus and Coach NI provides Facilitating Consultation Responses on policy changes and legislation

One to One support

One to One support - each operation receives a bespoke service from Bus and Coach Northern Ireland.

Information Service

Bus and Coach Northern Ireland provides and Information Service - via monthly meetings, hotline services and monthly newsletters

Commercial Partner Benefits

Membership of Bus and Coach Northern Ireland has many Commercial Partner Benefits with a vast array of commercial partners providing exclusive offers.

Driver CPC Training

Bus and Coach Northern Ireland are an approved Driver CPC Training Centre offering Driver CPC training to our members via our unique 'mobile' trainers.